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Random WIP

for a commission of sorts


Planner sketchdump part 1!

The doodledump part of my planner, which i just the part I draw in when I’m bored, since the planner is a January -> December one, and I started using it in late June and I really just hate wasting space. o:

Yeah, just posting a few because I don’t have really nice ones in this part of my planner. OTL



Help plx b/c I am n00b. </3

How do you make it so that when you click on one of the categorythings, you see the posts expanded and not… shortened?

‘Cause I wanna look through my old art by category sometimes, and it pisses me off when I have to click on the post to see the picture.


I’ve tried looking through tutorials and even the WordPress help site or something and man, I don’t get all that poop. I’m code-illiterate kk. ❤

And I actually like it better when people actually talk to me and guide me and all that yeah I’m weird.