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Happy Halloween!

Have an obligatory Halloween doodle.


Myo the Myosin Girl

Concept art for this Bio project thing in which we have to take a protein and turn it into a superhero.

Here’s Myo the Myosin Girl! in amazing grayscale.

You might (or might not) be wondering, “Who is this girl? How old is she? If she is a superhero, then what are her powers? Why couldn’t you think of a better name?”
Your questions will be answered shortly (except for the last one).

Myo is a normal twelve-year-old girl, except for the fact that when there is a damsel in distress (or a man in a mess), she transforms into Myosin Girl in a split second (assuming that it takes only a split second to put on a helmet and a cape*)!

Aside from being a normal girl and secretly a superhero of some sort, Myo is also a very, very hungry child. She finds herself having to munch on one of her special chocolate bars (ATP bars from Mitochondria Corp.) all the time. Or anything, actually. As long as it’s edible.
If Myo stops eating anything for more than two minutes, her whole body fails on her and she ends up not being able to move at all. That, and withdrawal symptoms, because food is a wonderful thing.

Myo can only turn into Myosin Girl when she takes in a lot of milk (or anything rich in calcium). When she turns into Myosin Girl, she gains super strength and super speed. However, this only lasts for five minutes because she is that high-maintenance.

* (Myo does not actually need a helmet and a cape. Her moderately-protective mother always tells Myo that a child must always protect her head. And that she worked hard in making that cape.)