planner doodles from last year (part 1)

should i post my doodles one by one, or in dumps?? (feedback greatly appreciated) (pls)

anyway, these are some stuff i drew on my planner in mid-december 2012 to early february 2013!

shy santa

honestly i really like drawing girls in santa outfits.


left: gave a christmas gift to my flan

right: took a plane to my province for christmas vacation

it's winter

scarf! yay


this was when a song called sayoko was stuck in my head for the longest time. i really like this song. the lyrics depress me :’D

sexy santa

yes, santa outfits. i like drawing girls in sexy santa outfits.

better off

hello, old emo doodles


random things

in the stars

i really liked this doodle. until i messed up with her hands……………


this was supposed to be fuchsia from sinfest! i used to be horribly addicted to this webcomic. i stopped reading though sob

happy new year

happy new year!


i like drawing sad girls a lot. (see: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5])

i want to see you

i was waiting for someone to show up.


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