Ninja Science: The Poster

NINJA SCIENCE the poster

A poster my friend and I made for my boyfriend for his birthday! We drew the characters of his game he’s developing. :3c

We printed it on glossy paper and framed it. It is now with a very happy owner heehee

How we did it:

Ninja Science process

(click the gif if it messes up and doesn’t work!)


3 thoughts on “Ninja Science: The Poster

    1. KishiFishy Post author

      Yeah! Well, sort of. We passed it back and forth whenever we reached a dead end so the parts are kind of mixed, like:

      Concept sketch: him
      Draft lines: him
      Fixed lines: me
      Redone lines for Kat: me
      Color: me
      Touch-ups: him
      Background: me
      Text+Border: him

      but it’s actually more complicated than that @v@

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