we did watercolors in class yesterday and i tried it out before working on our actual plates. watercolors have such a soft effect and i think i want to try it out a lot from now on!!

p.s. this is the second time i’ve actually used any sort of paint in my life. my experience with actual paintbrushes is pretty much close to none but i want to change that ahaha


3 thoughts on “nostalgic

  1. cavepainter

    This is really good, especially for only using paint once before. Watercolors are very flexible and can give many different results based on technique, ranging from photorealism to soft misty landscapes to splattered paint. 🙂

    1. KishiFishy Post author

      Thanks so much!
      I’m going to try experimenting with watercolors a bit more. ;U; I really love the soft effect and I’m getting giggly just thinking about it oh no

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