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Request Sketches 1

Not that much of a dump because it’s just 3 sketches?
Taking requests here!

You’re traditional art is lovely ;v; might as well give this a shot [link]


Ooooh, your art is so cute and nice and ahhhh ;w;
Maybe you’d be interested in doodling up my character Basil? 😮
(If he looks BORING SNORING to you I have like a million other characters here [link] but I obviously don’t expect you to have to slog through that, only if you’re reeeeally bored!! :V)


Could you draw my oc [link]?




aka a post of very badly taken pictures but who cares

lol my notebook is folded because i treat it so badly ;_;

(click on images to see them bigger i guess)



i love drawing curves yeah

2013-04-14 _ Art 03

i’ve actually uploaded the paramox doodles before, over here


early designs of sky and a guy 40cm taller

marker fail

i tried markers. it didn’t work out so well.

marker win because nicolo is good with markers

this one worked out better! only because my friend nicolo aka caiman pool aka good at arts was teaching me how markers by coloring it in for me. welp.

during grad practice

bus stop

country girl

i like this one tbh.

and i just noticed my drawings are getting more and more suggestive which is… probably not a good thing (??)

kate lin



2013-04-14 _ Art 12

2013-04-14 _ Art 13

concept art for a game

2013-04-14 _ Art 14

more concept art and really just me trying to look for a consistent style to work with /sighs