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2013-03-16f JPEG
click here for the drawing process! (it’s only 4 minutes, so it doesn’t hurt to take a look ;D ?)
one of my OCs! i haven’t really drawn her properly until now.
this is Maya! but she doesn’t like that name and wants to sound cool so she goes by the name Sky. or Cyan, when she feels like it. 19 years old, 152cm tall.
(warning: incoming senseless walls of text) (short version of description here)
Sky likes stars a lot. and she likes looking at the night sky and seeing how the stars just shine in the dark. but she likes fish more than stars!
oh and she loves water and everything related to it. she likes playing in water and water and water hoses because WATER WATER. she hates eating fish because FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD ;_; and she hates cats because they think FISH ARE FOOD NOT FRIENDS Q_Q and sometimes she puts her head in her pet fish’s fishbowl and telepathically says hello because she can’t speak underwater. and her head stays there and her fish glubs like “hello glub glub” and she is happy. and sometimes she likes to poke her fish but that’s ok because her fish understands that she is a fishfriend.
remember how she likes to go stargazing? when she looks at the night sky she actually pretends she’s underwater, so underwater that all she sees is pitch black (blue?). and that the little lights are glowfish and jellyfish and that she is alone with her fishfriends. and when she goes cloudwatching, she dreams of fish. she’s pretty weird but that’s ok.
she is also loud and super whiny a lot and has a suuuuper short attention span and gets angry reaaaally easily! and she throws tantrums and pouts when people don’t listen to her. she’s generally unreasonable because she always starts raging at the first minute but when someone tells her to calm down and think she starts being reasonable again. either than that, nopnop she’s a butthead. she is also a show-off, like “hohoho i’m super fast at swimming hoho” because she loves swimming and that is her best sport.
but then she always regrets it afterwards and she hates it and sometimes she hates that she has a mouth so when she’s alone she puts her head in her fish’s fishbowl and holds her breath and she likes it in that fishbowl and underwater because it’s quiet and she can’t say anything stupid to people
her dream is to make friends with a giant octopus someday
she likes being called sky because the sky and the ocean both make her feel free. only difference is that it’s hard to swim in the sky. and there are no fish in the sky. she does like the name though. sky sounds COOL. and reminds her of sky blue. cyan sounds cool too. maya doesn’t though. it’s like… maya? she thinks it sounds way too pretty for her taste. why’d her mom name her maya though?? maybe she named her after some weird 3d animation software or somefin? (hint: nope)
PS this was done during a livestream! check back from time to time? c:
PPS palette challenge #004 used: