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prom night


a magical night is beginning

I was supposed to finish + post this before prom night but I didn’t get to finish /sobs

It wasn’t going to turn out well anyway so here have an unfinished thing



blotty pen + pencil (1mm lead) = successful planner doodle! ❤

I’ll be editing this. Then I’ll use this as my profile picture for like erry website I’m in, ehehe ❤

Inspiration drawn from several items, like my friend’s awesome 8-bit glasses and this adorable 8-bit hairclip. I wish I got to include this awesome 8-bit watch though. T_T


So I took this random Homestuck land/title generator and got the Maid of Heart.

Found it really cute (I mean C’MON <3) because… well Maid of Heart. Doesn’t it sound so absolutely adorable. ;U;

After tons of concept sketches on my sketchpad, I decided to think of colors and such.


I’m naming her (or me?) Eia. ‘Cause it’s cool that there’re no consonants. ;D

Anyway, might draw more sketches later on. But for now, it’s just this~

(Does this count as Homestuck fanart? @_@ I don’t actually know so I’m putting it under both Fanart and Original lol)