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My family and I went to this really cool museum today!



Inkling Test!

I tried out my Inkling today!! It feels so cool and fhghffh hfhfhfh oh man


This is what I drew on paper (sorry for the terribad quality and weird warping), and…


… this is what my Inkling recorded!

There are some inconsistencies (like that random line on the bottom right part of the face) but all in all the Inkling is GREAT and i am so sososososo so happy


School requirements have been getting harder and harder to cope with lately, and lots of dramathings have been going on. These days it just feels like there are so many confusing things and depressing things and frustrating things happening all at once that I have to try and deal with all of them but I can’t because there’s too much and I’m so busy and everything.

I just never have the time.

So I’m closing everything for a while. Requests, trades, commissions, everything.

Bye~ ❤